Having become an American citizen because I love this great and unique country of ours with its values and ideals of freedom, liberty and respect for human dignity, I am stunned and find it incomprehensible that the U.S. Senate is trying to pass this so-called comprehensive immigration bill, which, in effect, gives immediate legal status, amnesty and a “path to citizenship” to between 11 million and 20 million aliens illegally in our country.

Incredibly, this immigration bill is supported by President Bush, Sen. Ted Kennedy and Sen. John McCain.

These so-called undocumented immigrants happen to be mostly Mexican and other South American nationals who sneaked across our open and undefended Southern border in total disregard and contempt for our laws and immigration procedures.

This situation would be intolerable if these illegal intruders and lawbreakers were Swedes, French, German, British or any other nationality.

In 1965 and 1986, similar immigration bills were introduced and supported by Presidents Kennedy and Reagan. Nothing was accomplished, the problem got worse and is totally out of control today.

With wide-open borders and our nation in a life-and-death struggle with radical Islamism, it is imperative to first firmly secure our borders then, after verification, try to handle and identify the remaining illegal aliens.

Any other course would be the height of irresponsibility, most likely leading to a one-party nation and an unmitigated disaster for our great country.

Klaus D. Kuck, Lewiston

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