I am concerned about illegal immigration. It is a complicated, emotional, and difficult issue that cannot be resolved quickly. This is a nation of immigrants and that tradition should continue. Immigrants are generally hard-working individuals trying to improve their lives.

Most of us are proud to think of America as a land of opportunity, freedom, liberty, compassion, and fairness. I would also argue this nation is, possibly above all else, a nation of laws.

Laws allow us to be a nation of wonderful qualities. Without laws, we would be in anarchy.

I believe any form of amnesty for illegal immigration is unacceptable. How can pardoning people for breaking immigration laws be acceptable? Is it an attempt to be compassionate? Is it because their intent is noble – to help their families?

Many lawbreakers presumably have good intentions. A mugger might use the money to improve his family’s situation. An embezzler could claim the same. Who’s to judge?

The law.

Amnesty is derived from the same root as amnesia, which comes from Greek for “not” and “to remember.” Let us not forget the importance of the United States enforcing its laws.

Turning a blind eye to immigration law is unacceptable to this law-abiding small business owner, father of two and proud American. I won’t have amnesia when voting again. I won’t vote for candidates who believe in not enforcing laws, or chooses selective enforcement due to the “delicacy” or “political correctness” of this, or any issue.

Michael Maines, Gray

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