Back in the news

Tommy Morrison, of Rocky V fame, was back to his fighting ways in a “cage fighting” match in West Virginia last night. His former agent claims that Morrison is HIV positive. Morrison says he isn’t. The clincher? His wife says he isn’t. I’d tend to believe her, doubt she wants a death sentence.

About face

Real Madrid owner Ramon Calderon wants to keep David Beckham in Spain after all. But the soon to be Hollywood star is having none of it. Why would he? Would you turn down a 5-year, $250 million deal? Not to mention, his wife is going to star in a reality series based in L.A. I mean, come on, soccer is secondary here.

‘Just business’

Wizards superstar Gilbert Arenas announced, a year ahead of time, that he will opt out of his contract at the end of next season. Thanks, Gilbert, you gave the media a year’s time to write about how the Celtics can screw this one up. Appreciate the help.

Don’t look now

The Yankees have won six straight games. Bobby Abreu is hot. Alex Rodriguez is hot. Roger Clemens is actually in the dugout. Having nightmares yet, Sox fans?


The NBA Finals might feature LeBron James, but it looks as though the viewing public could give a rat’s heiny. It was the lowest rated network show in history. Maybe the Versus network will take the NBA Finals next season


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