I was appalled by the reporting of the Mt. Blue Middle School’s production of “Hurricane of Change” in the June 2 edition of the Sun Journal.

The reporter inaccurately portrayed the show as one on which students did “some work,” and then chose to cover only one side of the controversy: those who felt the play was “too political” and “usurped” the children’s traditional spring concert.

It’s curious the reporter couldn’t find one supporter of the show to quote from an audience of reportedly 600.

Anne Geller is my mother. She has spent 30 years working to improve education for all children in SAD 9. She is solely responsible for initiating the district’s amazing string program. If it weren’t for her, the audience for “Hurricane of Change” would not only have been sitting in the dark, they would have been sitting in silence.

However, the real victims in all this are the students whose show it was. The lower-level learners who researched and wrote the show won’t produce unless they are invested in the process. They couldn’t have done the show unless it came from their hearts. Those children have done something really great, maybe for the first time in their lives, and for the umpteenth time in their lives, someone has to come along and say they did something wrong.

Some will say the students were innocent pawns of Geller, but as a teacher myself, I know that is not how the students see the situation.

Jennifer Geller, Providence, R.I.

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