The Bruins finally recycled Claude Julien as their head coach Thursday. That hiring was the worst-kept secret since the first time somebody from the Globe or Herald wrote a column declaring that B’s management cares more about profit margin than winning.

What is this, Russia?

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that state associations may crack down on the recruiting of high school athletes without violating coaches’ right to free speech. Wow, what a blow to freedom. I mean, we all know that porn and high school basketball were the founders’ motivation for crafting the First Amendment.

Thanks, but no thanks

Joe Girardi has turned down a chance to manage the Baltimore Orioles. Other than the obvious reasons, Girardi’s decision probably means he gives it another week before Ozzie Guillen’s head implodes and the White Sox come calling.

Consider the source

ProTour cyclists will be asked to sign an anti-doping pledge prior to the Tour de France. That ranks right up there with rappers signing a contract promising Rev. Jesse Jackson they’ll stop using the b-word, h-word and n-word in their lyrics.

Mediocrity pays

Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels was given a one-year contract extension through 2009 after the team’s 27-44 start. Daniels immediately thanked the Boston Celtics’ Danny Ainge and the Detroit Lions’ Matt Millen for lowering the front office bar across all sports.

Need a hobby? Try fishing

Free-agent linebacker LaVar Arrington was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident this week. Am I the only one who wonders why athletes with a 12-year window to make more money than God can’t refrain from riding motorcycles until they’re retired and ready for a mid-life crisis?

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