DURHAM, N.H. (AP) – A University of New Hampshire professor has been banned from campus after being arrested on charges he threatened a colleague.

John Collins, 53, is charged with disorderly conduct and stalking for comments he allegedly made against a colleague, said Deputy UNH Police chief Paul Dean.

Collins is chairman of the biochemistry and molecular biology department. He surrendered to campus police on Friday.

A judge also granted Interim Associate Dean of Research Stacia Sower a restraining order against Collins. Sower says colleagues told her Collins ranted and raved against her, threatened to kill her and kicked a garbage can, apparently over a parking ticket he received. She said she was not responsible for the ticket.

Sower colleagues told her Collins said, “I am going to kill her” and repeated it “several times,” according to the court document.

“John Collins is an extremely angry man,” she wrote in her request that the judge order Collins to stay away from her. “I do not feel safe in my office or labs at Rudman. I do not feel safe for my students in their office or labs. I feel very threatened, and I am scared of what he could do to me or my students.”

In her filing with the court, Sower alleges there were past incidents involving Collins, but does not elaborate.

“John has previously displayed extreme bouts of anger resulting in a broken Xerox and people feeling threatened – thrown chairs, books, etc.,” she wrote.

Dean said one of Sower’s colleagues reported hearing Collins’ comments and reported them to police Thursday afternoon.

University spokesman Erika Mantz said the school also will investigate. She did not say how long that could take or what the consequences could be, but she said in the meantime, Collins has been directed not to come to campus.

He is free on bail.