LIVERMORE – Strawberry shortcakes will be the featured treat at the Strawberry Shortcake Festival from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, July 5, at the Brettuns Community Center.

Proceeds will help pay for expenses of the Livermore Birthday Party on Friday, Aug. 3, at Long Pond, North Livermore. Ribbons will be distributed to all participants, including two boat parades. Postage for letters to all Long Pond residents will be covered. Batteries will be provided for small strings of lights for the “muscle boats.”

Thursday, regular servings will be $3 each; larger hearty ones will be $4. Prices include a beverage. Shortcakes will be homemade with fresh local strawberries and real cream. Sugarless servings and takeout shortcakes will also be available.

A display of old Livermore photos will fill the walls at the Community Building, formerly the Brettuns School. Many old favorites have been enlarged for the display; some new “old ones” will also be included.

The Livermore Birthday Party Committee will release its first booklet on Aug. 3. Everyone is welcome to submit photos and greetings for a quarter page with a $5 donation. Tammy Castonguay at Lakeshore is collecting the greetings and donations. Proceeds from the birthday book will also go toward expenses.

Residents around Long Pond are invited to once again hang their Christmas lights along the waterfront.

This will be the third year for the display. Residents may also wish to join in the lighting of sparklers purchased in Maine on Aug. 3. The committee has started a fund for donations to provide a fireworks display at some future Livermore birthday party.

For additional information, contact Dennis Stires at 897-4222 or Tammy Castonguay at Lakeshore, 897-7100.