The article ‘Light stealing ghouls’ (July 4) has prompted me to give cemetery lot owners some basic rules.

• Each cemetery usually has its own guidelines. They are in place for a reason and should be followed.

• Do not leave anything you are not prepared to lose.

• Do not leave any glass or wires. People who mow your cemeteries get hurt when those objects go through mowers and trimmers.

• Shrubs and plants should be small, as the roots can grow into the graves.

• Cemeteries are not the place for solar lamps, shepherd’s hooks, wind chimes, bird houses, beer bottles, shotgun shells, money, toys, baseballs, wine glasses, glass vases, statues, etc. Graves in a cemetery are not intended to be shrines, but are intended to be well kept and respected.

• Many cemeteries do not provide trash barrels because they end up being used for household trash. When what you have brought in needs to be disposed of, you should be responsible. Don’t expect others to take care of it.

• What one person thinks is a beautiful decoration may seem like clutter to a neighboring lot owner.

Dennis Atwood, Sabattus

Sexton, Pleasant Hill Cemetery