J. Fred Muggs, chimp mascot of the “Today” show from 1953 to 1957, is living in Florida, along with his simian companion, ’50s “Today” semi-regular Phoebe B. Beebe. They inhabit a 2,800-square-foot compound, with a swimming pool and walk-in refrigerator.

n What was “Life” like 50 years ago? Ten pages of the July 22, 1957, issue were of the 72-day transatlantic solo trip of a 35-year-old physician, paddling a 17-foot kayak. Never had the Atlantic been crossed in so small a craft with no outside help.

According to the latest estimates, in what state is the U.S. county with the smallest population?

A) Texas

B) Minnesota

C) Nevada

D) Alaska

Monday’s answer: The praying mantis has only one ear, located in the middle of its underside.