Three members of the board of selectmen in Poland recently agreed to give the former town manager five years of medical insurance totaling some $33,000 at today’s current costs, along with a $3,500 retirement party, which included a $750 watch.

The budgeted amount for employee recognition was $400 for the fiscal year, yet they chose to overexpend that amount by another $3,100. The taxpayers of Poland must now fund some $6,600 per year for the next five years, plus any premium increases. According to the town’s attorney, there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it.

The town is fiscally some $2 million in the hole, which I believe is directly attributable to the former town manager’s mismanagement, yet these three selectmen saw nothing wrong in placing an additional tax burden on the backs of the taxpayers as a “reward” for someone who resigned.

For the good of one, the rest of us have to suffer the monetary consequences of their actions.

It is clear to me that these three individuals are not looking out for the best interests of Poland taxpayers. They seem to be following their own personal agendas and their own personal views on certain subjects, at whatever the cost. This kind of irresponsible management has to stop!

Nancy Fraser, East Poland