This is in response to the editorial “Ugliness is in the eye of the abutter,” July 27. It oversimplified the issues of alternative energy, particularly the wind power projects in the western boundary mountains.

The continued jabs at why this development is for the greater good nauseate me. While aesthetics should play a key role in any development debate, the issues surrounding the development of wind towers is not so much about aesthetics as destroying a protected, fragile environment, thousands of years in the making, for the greed and gluttony of people in southern New England.

The natural resources in this state have long been pillaged for the sake of progress (corporate greed). Blowing off mountain tops and destroying the flora and fauna on them won’t solve our energy crisis, but it will line the pockets of the carpetbaggers who have obviously pulled the wool over the eyes of the editorial writer.

Elizabeth Ann Listowich, Kingfield

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