Women’s Golf: British Open

1 p.m., Channel 8

Heard the other day that until recently there was a sign at St. Andrews that read, “No dogs. No women.” Yes, in that order. And I thought Europe was sooooo enlightened.

MLB: Rockies at Braves

1 p.m., TBS

Name any three Colorado players without a Google search and I’ll pay for your next fantasy league trade.

NASCAR: Pennsylvania 500

2 p.m., ESPN

Every other year or so, this race is stopped because of wildlife on the track. The PETA people have their posters and fake blood at the ready the minute Tony Stewart winds up with an elk as a hood ornament.

Ironman Triathlon

2:30 p.m., Channel 6

My favorite Ironman highlight was about 25 years ago, when the woman collapsed and crawled across the finish line in the dark. This event is basically your heart versus your lungs in human dog fighting. I’ll never get it.

X Games

3 p.m., ESPN

On today’s docket: Rally car racing. Well, it broadens the appeal a little bit, but it won’t be nearly entertaining as watching that skateboarder crash 30 feet, land on his butt and walk away the other night.

MLB: Red Sox at Mariners

4 p.m., NESN

Fifty games to go, and the M’s are ahead of the Yankees in the wild card chase. You could have won $1,000 from me by offering that bet back in March.

Classic Baseball: Red Sox at Mets, Game 6, 1986 World Series

4:30 p.m., ESPN Classic

Message to ESPN: Expletive you, you expletive expletives.

Best Damn Top 50 Amazing Catches

7 p.m., FSNE

Tom Brady’s in the top 10 twice for reeling in Bridget Moynahan and Gisele Bundchen.

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