As a copy sheet for national sports, the Sun Journal sports pages probably could be graded A.

As a source for local sports, they rate an F.

In this community there are traveling teams for hockey, baseball, tennis, golf and other sports. Don’t even try to find it in print. And, God forbid, that coaches try to call in the game results unless they have an appointment.

I imagine the children who participate in those sports would be encouraged to see their efforts published; reading the results might even get them away from the couch, TV or gangs.

For my money (not wanting to date myself), but in my era, any time a bunch of kids got together, there was a game of some sort, and sportswriters such as John Robinson and John Libby would personally show up.

If equal print on local sports would appear as is wasted on that useless sports Page Two, things might be more interesting, and any connection between the sports section and fishwrap would not occur to me.

Ronaldo Cailler, Poland

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