This is just a fleeting thought to both better protect our troops in Iraq and for President Bush to save face on an exit plan from that stupid war.

Whereas many of the U.S. troops are engineers and construction specialists, they could be redeployed back home in order to assist here with all the recently discovered bridges in disrepair. Many MPs could also assist along the country’s borders and/or for airport passenger inspections prior to boarding. The new assignments would greatly assist our homeland security and reduce most possibilities of further harm to the troops.

Those uses provide a reason for the president to explain why the troops are more needed at home than to police a country that doesn’t want us there. The costs would also be less, due to lower transportation and arsenal expenses.

I am also sure families of our military would feel more secure to have their loved ones on active duty within the United States.

Bertrand E. Berube, Lewiston

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