Phil Rizzuto died Tuesday. Sad that we’re losing a Hall of Fame shortstop and beloved broadcaster. Sadder still that an entire generation of Yankee fans knows him only as the pitchman for one of those usurious loan-against-your-next-paycheck places. Then again, his team has been living above its means for decades. Rest in peace, Scooter.

Give peace a chance

Four players from Thailand and Mexico were red-carded from a soccer match Monday at the World University Games after a brawl that also involved spectators. Then on Tuesday, the games were hit by the obligatory doping scandal. Gotta love friendly international competition.

Like letting Picasso teach an art class

Tiger Woods announced Tuesday that he will design his first American golf course in a mountainous area near Asheville, N.C. You can bet most of us wouldn’t be able to shoot our weight there.

Idle hands

Florida A&M University men’s basketball coach Mike Gillespie was fired Tuesday in the aftermath of charges that he stalked a former girlfriend who tried to end their relationship for more than two years. Smart move on two fronts by the Rattlers. Every successful coach in this day and age sleeps in his office. If Gillespie, who is married, had the time to pursue a second relationship that fervently, there’s no way he was working hard enough.

Video resurrected the police blotter star

Canine cuddler Michael Vick and ‘rasslin renegade Adam “Pacman” Jones are programmed as starters in the “Madden ’08” video game that hits electronics stores Wednesday. That’s OK. Randy Moss is probably lined up as a flanker in just about every Maddenized formation for the Patriots, and how long do you think that will last?

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