When a person is killed in a motorcycle accident due to high speed or safety neglect, who is to blame? The police.

Why? I drive the Turnpike every day to work; my speed is about 65 to 75 mph. Often, I am passed by motorcycles traveling faster than 85 mph, yet how often are motorcycles seen pulled over for speeding?

Very seldom.

On Aug. 12, I was heading home to Aubun from Brunswick on River Road, when three young men on motorcycles passed me. They were traveling more than 20 mph above the speed limit. They drove recklessly and had no respect for safety. One passed the other like Evil Knievel – the rear wheel on the ground, and the front wheel completely off the ground. He kept the bike this way for a long time.

A motorcycle is not a toy. Riders are traveling 70 mph without protection, and yet many don’t wear a helmet for safety. How stupid is this?

Recklessness can kill. Don’t endanger others with displays of ego.

Peter Hart, Auburn

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