LITCHFIELD – Monday Night League, August 13: A Flight, Don Garrison, 36 points; Mike Alberico, 15; Dan Bence, 13; B Flight, Richard Douglass and Lee Biron, 19; Lou Murphy, 16; C Flight, Ron Small, 29; Ron Mansir, 20; Don Blanchette, 17.

Monday Morning League, August 20: Lou Longtin, 1 point; Dana Kierstead, Rod Stewart, 0. Closest to the pin #7, Paul Jackson, 29’10”.

Monday Morning Ladies League, August 20: low gross, Terry Tracy, 84; net, Judy Edgecomb, 94-75. Closest to the pin #7, Earlene Jackson, 31’2″.

Tuesday Points League, August 21: A Flight: Andy Parker, 21; Dick Gower, 19; Tony Cyr, 14. B Flight: gross, Jake Webb, 36; Dennis Bailey, 16; John Desmarais, Gerry Lajoie, 12. C Flight: Dennis Carney, 34; Fred Wingate, 27; Ron Pinard, 15. D Flight: Marc Berube, 34; Rob Merrill, 24; Jon Lizotte, 9. Closest to the pin #17, A-B, Kevin Fletcher, 15’2″; C-D, Phil Bailey, 18’3″; #15, Andy Parker, 31’2″. Raffle winner: Moe Vachon.


POLAND – Monday Night Couples, August 20 standings: K. Maxwell-F. Rubino, 119; D. Cooper-D. Cooper, 110; C. Hammond-C. Lesperance, 107; P. Griggs-D. Lavoie, 107; S. Buckley-P. Rybeck, 105.5; M. Brushwein-R. Theriault, 102.5; M. Spencer-P. Spencer, 97; I. Mathieu-M. Mathieu, 96; J. Shute-F. Barber, 86; B. Swett-M. Swett, 83.5; D. Desbiens-B. Desbiens, 82; F. Dumont-Paul Dumont, 80.5; R. Jalbert-S. Palian, 74.5; J. Mangini-J. Mangini, 71.5; C. Schwartz-T. Thongsavanh, 58.5; K. Papineau-F. Papineau, 52.5.

Apple Valley

LEWISTON – Chad Landry-Gene Flaherty won the 2007 Apple Valley Team Better-Ball Championship, beating Clark Bell-Al Ridley. It was an even match, neither team leading by more than 2 holes. Tied after 17, the Landry-Flaherty duo won the 18th to claim the title.

Men’s Twilight League, August 20 standings: Tim Pelletier-Dave Gregoire, 16; Gene Flaherty-Chad Landry, 15; Hayden Faucett-Chris Welch, 13; Bruce Milliken-Gary Landry, 13; Lance Vallee-Dan D’Auteuil, 12 Marty Roop, Sr.,-Scott Barden, 11.5; Marshall Gross-Moe St. Laurent, 11; Matt Nicole-Matt Fillion, 10.5; Glenn Fillion-Joe Fillion, 9; Steve Samson-Brian Genest, 9; Clark Bell-Dick Cyr, 9; Mark Elie-Marc Poulin, 8; Bill Hunter-Ryan Booker, 8; Steve Roop-George Hopkins, 8; Phil Pelletier-sub, 7.5; Lew Perry-Kevin Calder, 7; Rene Dubois-Peter Wade, 5.5; Bert Gosselin-Claude Marichal, 4; Pat Beaupre-Todd Michaud, 2.5; Leo Lafrance-Don Lafrance, 0. Closest to the pin #3, Steve Samson, 11’2″; #5, D’Auteuil, 8’9″; low gross, Al St. Pierre; net, D’Auteuil.


POLAND – Semifinal Club Championship flight matches: Championship Flight: Rick Plummer d. Bob Pomerleau; Rudy Plummer d. Ryan Leonard. A Flight: Nick Lenahan d. Bill Scott; Lowell Francher d. Bill Godin. B Flight: Lance Denny d. Dave Seeley; Seth Denny d. Tom Shupp. C Flight: Jake Neal d. Leo Cormier; Nick Cormier d. Pete York.

Connecticut wins title

HAMDEN, Ct. – Connecticut captured the New England Junior Invitational Chmpionship Tuesday. Tied with Massachusetts after the 3 rounds, 1107, Connecticut claimed the title on a tiebreaker, the sixth player’s score, winning by 1.

The Maine finished third with 1130, led by Ryan Gay and Brian Otis with 222. Other Mainers: Matt Campbell, 237; Andrew Cummings, 245; David Gushee, 225; Jason Harris, 232; Johnny Hayes, 229.

SMWGA tourney

Following are results from the Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association tourney held August 21 at Sable Oaks:

B-1 Division: gross, Judy Doiron, Sue Moody, 99; Bobbie Forest, 103; Lorraine Comeau, 104; net, Jan Gove, 100-71; Terri Bruneau, 104-73; Debbie Vilasuso, 105-74; Mary Jane Whitney, 107-76. B-2 Division: gross, Elaine Hevey, Margaret Jean Taylor, 108; Ann Norton, 111; Teresa Getchell, 114; Barbara Stevens, 117; net, Maryann Usher, 111-77; Sally Brogan, 112-78; Dot Petty, 114-79; Marnie Morgan, 115-80; Shirley Jones, 118-83. Pins: #6, Laura Connors, 17’4″; Sue Moody, 23’6″; #8, Moody, 4’3″; Sally Dearborn, 6’1″; #11, Bobbie Forest, 19’5″; Jan Gove, 20’4″; #13, Pat Gallagher, 9′; Moody, 9’5″; #17, Liz Monaghan, only player on green and was awarded both places.

WMSGA tourney

Following are results from the Women’s Maine State Golf Association tournament held Tuesday, August 21 at Searsport Pines:

Flight 1: gross, Helen Plourd, 75; Marie Cates, Jean Sweetser, 82; net, Jean Young, 60; Janet Drouin, Diane Herring, Jan Searle, 68. Flight 2: gross, Carole Cook, 95; Bobbi Berry, 96; Mary Kaufman, 99; net, Jeanne Fifield, 70; Claudette Amoroso, Sharon Nelson, 72. Flight 3: gross, Peggy Larrabee, 100; Judith Collins, Victoria Wilson, 106; net, Marion Feeney, 70; Carol Rushton, Theresa Wood, 74. Pins: #6, Millie Hedberg; #9, Jeanne Fifield; #15, Marie Cates #18, Sharon Nelson.

Benefit tourney planned

NEWRY – The 4th annual NewPage/Black Mountain of Maine Golf Tournament is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 18 at Sunday River Golf Club.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the non-profit Black Mountain of Maine ski area.

It’ll be an 18-hole, 4-ball scramble, with a shotgun start at 9 a.m. A reception and lunch will be held at 2:00, with putt-off and awards at 2:30. Entry fee is $135 per person or $540 per team. Registration deadline is Sept. 14.

More information is available at, and

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