There is noteworthy contrast between two articles published in the Sun Journal on Aug. 18.

In her letter to the editor, Elaine Graham supports Mitt Romney because, “As a man of faith he will gain the support of Muslim countries.” She contends Muslims do not like Democratic acceptance of sexual liberation, radical feminism and Hollywood.

She doesn’t really say anything about his overall fitness for the job except he is religious and a family man.

Then, Christiane Amanpour “examines ‘God’s Warriors,’ a three-part documentary that looks at zealots who mix their religion and politics. These fervent believers change social policies, shape the course of national elections and influence global affairs.”

Is this history repeating itself? There are too many wars past and present based on divisions among faiths. Why do we not insist on separation of church and state? I believe it was a major reason for our Revolutionary War. Is one religion ever superior to all others? I believe how we treat others is what should earn respect.

It is presumptuous, arrogant and dangerous to have leaders believing they have permission from God to force their religion and their personal lifestyle on their own citizens and people all over the world.

Freedom is the distance between church and state.

Nancy Willard, Woodstock

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