After teaching Saturday morning classes at my academy, I casually drove to the post office, where I was pleased my city of Lewiston property tax bill had finally arrived. I quickly drove home and brewed a fresh pot of coffee, while anxiously anticipating the opening of my envelope.

After paying close to $800 as my share of water runoff, I knew I would be rewarded with relief on my property tax. Soon, the coffee was ready. I took a long sip and carefully opened the envelope.

Yes! The relief I awaited had arrived. As promised, the mill rate has gone down.

My building, which was previously valued by the city of Lewiston at roughly $147,000, is now pleasantly valued at $198,000. Fortunately, my tax bill only increased by $670 per-year. I was also relieved to see my two acres of land that I subdivided so that I could sell the lot I’m not using will only cost another $600 per year.

With property tax and water runoff, I am overjoyed relief has come disguised as an increase in taxes and fees of only $180 more than I paid last year.

Thank you, City Administrator Jim Bennett and team for a job well-done.

Richard Pelletier, Lewiston

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