Recently, I have read several letters to the editor by concerned citizens in regards to a proposed agreement between the city of Lewiston and Casella Waste Systems, whereby Casella would manage the Lewiston landfill and be allowed to bring out-of-state construction and demolition debris to Lewiston.

Some of the letters have expressed concerns about poor track record of Casella at several of their other sites in Maine, as well as neighboring states. Yet there is no comment from Lewiston city leaders.

Other letters listed toxins and other chemicals found at other Casella sites. Still other letters expressed concern about decreasing property values, damage to the city’s image as an All-America city, and other quality of life issues. Again, no comment from city leaders.

What residents have heard from City Hall is it is a great deal for Lewiston, and it would reduce property taxes.

If it is such a good deal, why aren’t other municipalities knocking at Casella’s door, asking to be selected as their next dump site? If this is such a good deal, why are the communities where Casella sites are currently located lamenting their plight and trying to get rid of Casella?

What about the downside of the agreement? Why is information not forthcoming from Lewiston officials? Have they forgotten that an informed citizenry is an engaged citizenry?

Could it be they don’t want an informed or engaged citizenry?

Thomas Peak, Lewiston

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