Fans of the Patriots and other teams that hold out their regulars for the final preseason game should quit whining. Greg Olsen, Chicago’s projected starting tight end, hurt his knee in the Bears’ game with the Philadelphia Eagles. A.J. Feeley, Philadelphia’s backup quarterback, broke his left hand in the same game (and we all know how important the backup QB has become in Philly). The thing fans need to remember is this: If the money you spent on a meaningless preseason game is more important than your favorite team’s health going into the season, you probably didn’t have the money to blow on a preseason ticket anyway.

Oh, my!

Brody Croyle is starting the season backing up Damon Huard in Kansas City. This delays my favorite prop bet of the season — the over/under on how many times Dick Enberg will call him Brady Croyle.

Earning their prison stripes

Speaking of prop bets that Las Vegas is missing out on, what would the over-under be on Cincinnati Bengals arrested during the season. They’ve had 10 players arrested since the start of 2005. So where should the line be set? Because Roger Goodell is watching, we’ll go with a nice, conservative 5. The Bengals should be able to at least cut their arrests in half, right? We’ll keep a close eye on this and keep you updated.

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