This is in response to the Aug. 29 article in the Sun Journal about importing trash to Lewiston. I do recognize that one duty of the city administrator is to keep property taxes to a minimum. But what James Bennett wants to do is not going to be worth the price over the long haul. There are huge long-term implications with the current proposal, let alone loss of local control. Allowing this to go to referendum in October does not give enough time to educate the voting public about all the negative aspects of filling up the Lewiston landfill with out-of-state waste.

Why, all of a sudden, is there an urgency to give up waste and landfill management to a company that has repeatedly shown that the well-being of the community it does business in, is not its main interest?

Instead, we should be planning to improve our current recycling program by establishing a swap shop for unwanted items, by collecting larger pieces of cardboard, by having apartment renters use recycle bins, and by better involving input from citizens.

Edouard Plourde, Lewiston

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