Regarding a recent letter, “Taxed to death” (Sept. 2).

Granted this is true, but some write without knowing what is happening. The writer made accusations against Sabattus town officials for raising taxes and being dishonest.

Town manager Gregory Gill took office July 1; he would have had been a magician to raise taxes on a budget that was passed before started work. The selectmen are Bill Henshaw, chairman, Mark Duquette, vicechairman, Gino Camardese, Guy Desjardins and Paul Wayne Loesberg.

These five men voted before the budget was passed to halve their pay in order to keep expenses down – granted it didn’t come to much – but a cut of $250 per month, per man, realized a saving of $15,000 for the year.

This was done voluntarily.

Taxes come about primarily by a proposed budget submitted by department heads at town meeting, where people vote to increase or decrease spending, not from the manager or selectmen.

I am a resident of Sabattus, I attend town meeting, I vote when necessary to cut expenses, but I’m part of a minority. I take strong offense to insinuations that our officials are crooked and self-serving. One of these officials, my husband, is an honest, hard-working man who only wants to help the town by cutting expenses, as do the other members.

Joline C. Loesberg, Sabattus

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