MINOT – Following are the top two finishers in each division in the Motocross Racing Series event held Sept. 16 at Hemond’s Moto-X Park:

125cc A, Seth Taylor, Ryan Scripture; 125B, Casey Myrick, Ivan Bragg; 125C, Shayne Briggs, Nick Campbell; 125YB, Ivan Bragg, Nicholas Breton; 125YC, Nick Campbell; Nick Parent; 250A, Seth Taylor, Andy Mathieu; 250B, True Bragg, James Carney; 250C, Patrick Caron, Eric Case.

30+A, John McCann, Kevin Fleury; 30+B, Stephen Blais, Steve Powers; 30+C, Bill Sandberg, Greg Nichols; 40+A, David Bragg, Russell House; 40+B, Ed Carignan, Jr., Bronc Skilling; 40+C, Mark Desmarais, Jeff Barker; 50 4-6, Josh Roberts, Keyden Leeman; 50 7-9, Marc Thibodeau, Ethan Chase; 50 Open, Ethan Chase, Sebastian Morris; 50 PW, Dereck Ross, Alec Marquis.

65 Open, Paul Mason, Calan Bragg; 65 B, Paul Mason, Hunter Williams; 65 C, Devin McGowan, Nathan Breton; 85 B, Tony Landry, James Allen; 85 C, Reece Teixeira, Paul Mason; Jr. Mini 7-11, Zach Pinkham, Hunter Knowlton; Open A, Reid Garrity, Ryan Scripture; Open B, True Bragg, Alan Bragg; Open C, Shayne Briggs, Branden Skilling; Super-Mini 12-16, Tony Landry, Dana Albert; Vet Open, T. Ryan Kaichen, John McCann; Women, Brooke Lawrence, Courtney Burnham.

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