I am writing to defend Maine’s Animal Welfare Program (Sept. 14). (For those who think we should not worry about animal welfare, remember there is a proven link between animal abuse and child/elder abuse.)

It is absolutely appalling that state Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello has made it one of her causes to support the cruelty of puppy mills. It is also unbelievable she would say, “What is happening in this state is like Gestapo methods of controlling people and kennels, breeders, pet centers.”

Requiring licensing of breeders so they are subject to inspection for basic humane standards is hardly a Gestapo method. The Animal Welfare Program, due to lack of funds, is able to investigate only the most egregious cases. If Maine’s Animal Welfare Program presses charges, you know the animal abuse is bad.

So, Auburn’s Snowe-Mello goes to Buxton to defend what is one of the most horrific cases the AWP has ever seen in Mainehow does she sleep at night?

The vendor fee Snowe-Mello opposes is only for breeders who are unlicensed. You have to ask, of what are breeders opposed to licensing afraid? If their animals are humanely treated, there is nothing to fear. Or are they afraid of having to obey the law and be required to submit sales tax on animals they sell?

Norma Worley, the director of the Animal Welfare Program, has a horrific job, but she is a hero.

I hope Sen. Snowe-Mello doesn’t drive her away.

Susan Hall, Falmouth

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