Democrat leaders have reached a new low by accusing our soldiers of war atrocities: John Kerry saying they terrorize women and children in the night, Barack Obama accusing them of air-raiding villages, John Murtha accusing them of “cold-blooded murder.” They say these things about our sons and daughters. Now Hillary Clinton is claiming that to listen to Gen. David Petraeus requires a “willing suspension of disbelief.”

They accused him of lying before he’d given his testimony. Outrageous, but typical for those whose priority is political power over all. Their accusations could be used to recruit more terrorists, and it can’t help but demoralize our own troops.

Clinton expects us to believe she had no idea Norman Hsu is a convicted felon. He is one of her largest contributors, and is wanted for failure to appear for sentencing after being convicted of felony grand theft. She is the last person who should be lecturing anyone about honesty.

The American soldier is the most disciplined in the world, held to the highest standard. When there are civilian casualties, I blame that on the terrorists who hide among the innocent. You’ll never see an American dancing in the streets when a child dies, as do the terrorists who specifically target the innocent.

Kerry, Obama, Murtha and Clinton are behaving despicably, slandering Gen. Petraeus and the troops they claim to support. If there are any “impeachments” due, it is of those four and their cohorts on the extreme left.

Gerard Gelinas, Lewiston

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