While I haven’t read “It’s Perfectly Normal,” I would like to comment on the matter.

Censorship of any kind cannot be an act of the “one,” but of the “many” and the “majority.” The moral outrage of one person cannot justify breaking the law, stealing or taking away the right of a parent to make decisions on what is suitable material for a child. It is not an act of civil disobedience but, rather, the act of a zealot bent on shoving one’s moral values down other people’s throats.

Properly teaching children about their sexuality can only help raise a generation of children with healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors.

Years ago, as a single parent raising a teenage daughter, a book like that could have helped me to answer some of the questions that came up, for which I had no idea how to answer. Helping to educate her about her body was beyond my limited knowledge.

I believe most of us were raised to view normal, healthy sexual behaviors as shameful. There are generations of couples who could not talk openly about sex or sexual feelings, leading them to get those needs met elsewhere.

Neither JoAn Karkos nor anyone else has the right to tell me what is, and is not, appropriate for my children. That is my job, thank you very much.

David D.T. Marquis, Lewiston

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