Master’s Axe Throw

Leo Lessard of Lyndon, Vt. – 23 points (3 runoffs)

Master’s Bucksaw

Don Quigley of Lee, N.H., 7.33 secs.

Master’s Log Roll

Jim Colbert of Winsted, Conn., and Don Quigley of Lere, N.H., 19.125 secs.

Master’s Underhand Chop

Don Quigley, 21.515 secs.

Master’s Crosscut (record)

Jim Colbert and Don Quigley, 6.515 secs.

Tree Felling

Jim Colbert, 32.11 (direct hit)

Log Roll

Mark Gould of West Hampton, Mass., and Scott Gould of Enfield, Conn., 14.640 secs.

Springboard Chop (record)

Nathan Waterfield of Cherry Valley, N.Y., 42.11 secs.

Women’s Bucksaw

Shannon Strong of Dighton, Conn., 13.315

Women’s Underhand Chop

Nancy Zalewski of Manitowoc, Wis., 22.435 secs.

Women’s Axe Throw

Brenda Gingras of Dover, N.H., 19 points

Women’s Crosscut

Tina Scheer of Ellsworth, 10.42 secs.

Stock Chainsaw

Ed Brightman of Assonet, M. Athearn, 3.855 secs.

Men’s Bucksaw

Donald Lambert of St. Gilles, Quebec, 6.015 secs.

Men’s Axe Throw

Jerry Gingras of Erroll, N.H.

Open Chainsaw

Herb Gingras of Dover, N.H., 3.67 secs.

Men’s Crosscut

Mike Sullivan of Winsted, Conn., and Rich Jordan of Sterling, Conn., 5.385 secs.

Jack and Jill Crosscut

Nancy Zalewski and Mike Sullivan, 7.045 secs.

Cable Skidder

Bruce Cox of Peru, 57.70 secs.

Grapple Skidder

Brad Taylor of Porter, 57.62 secs.

Log Loading

Brian Winn of South Effington, N.H., 2 mins., 52.5 secs.

Pulp Loading

Brian Winn of South Effington, N.H., 4 mins., 43.7 secs.

Hydraulic Loader

Arnold Winn of West Newfield, N.H., 4 mins., 55.79 secs.

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