AUBURN – Prospect Hill Seniors: 1. Ed Newcomb, Ray Blais, Bob Gibson, Phil Violette, 30; 2. Bill Burroughs, Paul Deschene, Fern Lapointe, John Hodgkins, 32; 3. Ron Jacques, Norm Begin, Richard Beaulieu, Norm Chasse, 33. First pin, Norm Begin, 2’7″; second pin, Norm Bureau, 3′; 50-50, Ed Newcomb and Bob Grenier.

WMSGA tourney

Following are results from the Women’s Maine State Golf Association tourney held Oct. 4 at Purpoodock, playing best ball:

Gross: 1. Carmen Evrard, Kristin Kannegieser Pennie Cummings, Mary Brandes, 147; 2. Laurie Hyndman, Cindy Choate, Barbara Rondeau, Janet Nelson, 148; 3. Kathi O’Grady, Catherine Studley, Tracy Palm, Marty Kitchen, 156; 4. tie, Bernice Vadnais, Kate Boyle, Lisa Wintle, Nancy Defransco; Margo Audiffred, Peggy Wilson, Joy Eon, Julie Defransco, 162. Net: 1. tie, Bobbi Berry, Sue Quinn, Norma Michaud, Judy Edgecomb, 124; Sheila Gibbs, Patricia Haddad, Daisy Kaplan, Eve Lee, 124; 3. Isabel Waterhouse, Nancy Dow, Charlotte Hall, Peggyanne Kilton, 126; 4. Jean Farrell, Betty Holmes, Martha Kelley, Jayne Hanley, 127; 4. Nancy Pratt, Ann Nemi, Jill Perry, Patricia Durham, 127. Pins: #5, Dawn Pelletier, Tracy Palm; #9, Sarah Dorsey, Pat Haddad; #12, Jayne Hanley, Pennie Cummings; #15, Nancy DeFrancesco, Lisa Wintle.

MSGA Seniors

Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association Seniors Tournament held Oct. 4 at Willowdale:

Gross: Eric Hayward, Jim Stone, 74; Denny Siewertsen, 75 (MC). Net: Steve Mitchell, 89-63; Mark Bernstein, 76-66; John Ober, 80-66 (MC). 4-Ball: gross, Denny Siewertsen, Eric Hayward, Mark Bernstein, Terry MacMillan, 63; net, tie, Jim Stone, Jim Surette, John Ober, Cliff Larlee; Al Noyes, Dick Marshall, Gordon Curry; Norm Russell, Terry Landry, Steve Mitchell, Pat Baldwin, 58. Skins: gross, Al Noyes, Eric Hayward, Jack Milo; net, Peter Allen, Ned Gribbin, Steve Mitchell. Pins: John Roberts, #5, 20’4″; Terry Landry, #11, 15’7″; Ron Fotter, #15, 4’4″.

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