The Sun Journal editorial (Oct. 5) regarding the Kyle Karkos travesty was right on target. Although opportunities for me to agree with Sun Journal editorials have been rare, this one left me with nothing with which to disagree.

How Judge Mary Gay Kennedy could have interpreted Karkos’ behavior as merely “genuinely poor judgment,” and not criminal, is beyond my ability to comprehend. She has allowed the death of an innocent young man to go totally unpunished. If Kennedy had handed Karkos an award for winning the drag race it would not have added much more to the insanity of her decision.

O.J. Simpson had the benefit of a jury whose combined IQs did not equal room temperature. Karkos faced a judge, who like many of her peers, embraces the judicial philosophy of favoring the rights of the offenders over those of their victims.

The editorial paraphrased Karkos as saying, “Kyle f—in Karkos is NOT GUILTY.” Meanwhile, the Jellison family is denied even a modicum of justice in the reckless, untimely death of their son.

That is sad. Pretty f—in sad.

Paul St. Jean, Lewiston

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