Last November, my home in Lewiston was broken into, during the daytime, and several things of value were stolen. A person from my household came home to find the alleged thief leaving. The police were contacted with this information. Almost a year later, nothing of mine has been recovered, and no one has been charged.

Recently, my vehicle, which was parked behind my building (I have moved to Auburn), was also broken into. In that robbery, merchandise and my spare house key were stolen. The police took down information (but neglected to get my phone number). Two days later, I asked police to drive by my residence while I went to purchase new locks and was told they could not do that for me, but contact them if anything was missing when I returned home.

Having had my home broken into once, the thought of it happening again was unbearable. Why can’t people sworn to serve and protect understand and be more helpful? Is the lack of service typical for police departments?

Does a person have to become a victim before they will help? And how much help do they provide? How can citizens protect themselves and their valuables that they have worked so hard to have?

Kristen L. Jackson, Auburn

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