I was really bothered during a recent trip to a large discount store. I was there with my two children, ages 3 and 5. First, in the middle of a major aisle, I encountered a display overflowing with calendars of barely clad women. In the middle of the aisle, it was almost impossible to avoid.

As a man in this society, it seems we’re hit with this stuff from every angle – businesses attempting to exploit the visual sensitivity that men have, and harming and degrading women in the process, all in the interest of profits.

Don’t we men get it?

We need to take a stance against this. If we really love our wives, daughters, and our sons, too, we would.

Think about it from a wife’s, girlfriend’s or daughter’s perspective.

Later, we were near the electronics area where there was a large TV showing a graphic, violent game. Games like that have no appreciation for life, and make chaos and killing a sport.

Why are retailers spoon-feeding that stuff to our young people, particularly after what happened at Columbine? And, how do we explain that to our children? I want to protect them from it, and myself, too, and having it thrown at us like that makes it difficult.

I really wish retailers would remove that damaging material from their stores. If they cared about families and future generations, they would.

Chris Rugullies, Lisbon Falls

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