The front page of the Oct. 12 edition of the Sun Journal shows, once again, how our police overreact. Why did they need an oversized police force for one man? Norman Thompson had no hostages and wasn’t a killer.

Who are the people who suffer from this? First, the Thompson family. It was unnecessary to destroy their home.

Second, the taxpayers get hurt. We pay for this type of police practice. It scares me to think how inexperienced or untrained our officers are. If they needed that amount of police for Thompson, maybe Maine has too many cops with nothing to do. If that is the case, lay some off. It would save the state some money.

I do not mean to put the police down. We do need them and they do a good job.

It just seems to me that, since these incidents seem to happen often, perhaps more training is needed.

Karen Raymond, New Vineyard

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