AUBURN – 5th Annual Pumpkin Scramble, Oct. 28: 1. Mike Saucier, Tom Nadeau, Mike Pomerleau, Bob Bureau, 57; 2. Matt Carroll, Eric Peterlein, John Coutts, Scott Newell, 58; 3. Kyle Anderson, Leo Paquette; Tyler Scott, Keagan Easter, 59; 4. (MC), Jay Stone, Lisa Goudreau, Jace Pearson, Vance Pearson, 60; 5. Gary Powers, Cheryl Lancaster, Tim Lancaster, Sean Irish, 60 (MC); 6. Jon Mercier, Mark Turner, Rick Roy, Ted Straton, 61. 7. Mike Mathieu, Dave Mathieu, Scott McCurdy, Gordon Ross, 63; 8. Rachell Therrien, Tom Tiner, Rick Dostie, Sue Dostie, 64 (MC); 9. Carl Goody, Jacques Chabot, Scott Grondin, Mark Grondin, 64 (MC). Costume winners, individual, Jim Betsch; best team,. Joyce and Ed Michaud, Kathie and Nino Emmi.

Wilson Lake

WILTON – Oct. 28 Pine Needle Open (2 of 3 net):

1. -12, Dan Dipompo, Jeff Rosenberg, Neil Stinneford; 2. -8, Alvin Davis, Tom Fifield, Cliff Harris; 3. -5; Ryan Wilkins, Stewart Durrell, Harold Huff.

4. -4, Ron Greco, John Cureton, Tin Schanz; 5. tie, -3, Tom Weigle, Randy Oliver, Jacob Farrington; Dick Fernald, Jim Bouffard, Peter Benson; 7. -2, Mike Tibbetts, Dick Nile, Warren Rollins.

8. tie, even, Rob Donald, Frank Williams, Ron McAllister; Rick Carlton, Mike Deraps, Mike Lawson.

Oct. 28 pins: #2, Tim Shanz, 4’2″; #7, Jim Bouffard, 4’6″; #11, Rob Donald, 4′; #16, Dick Nile, 1′. Skins: Tim Schanz, Stewart Durrell (2), Bouffard, Fifield, Ryan Wilkins, Fernald.

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