I really annoyed a driver recently – I pulled out to pass a large delivery truck and immediately pulled back into the correct lane. However, that tactic seemed to rile the truck driver, who then pulled onto the right shoulder and passed my car. He also gave me that deliberate hand signal which revealed his anger or frustration.

But anger at what? Frustration over what?

I was not in a hurry to get anywhere fast. I only wanted the opportunity to get around a very large vehicle so I could have a better view of the road ahead. I drive a small car, and am not comfortable riding behind vehicles that totally block my view of what is happening in traffic ahead. I am a defensive driver, and I always like to have the opportunity to see any problem areas in front of me.

I ask drivers of larger modes of transportation to understand I might pass so that I might avoid danger ahead, and to please be more considerate of drivers like me who still obey the law (most of the time) and try to drive safely.

Margaret Park, New Gloucester

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