I am so furious, I must voice my opinion. I am absolutely appalled at the James Raymond issue (Nov. 1). My son was involved in one of his programs and, for me, that is a bit too close to home.

However, that is not what I am writing about.

I am totally stunned at what I read about the incident. Apparently the girl involved told her mother what had happened. Let me quote the newspaper, “The mother told the girl she would report it to the school, but later had second thoughts, fearing it could ruin Raymond’s teaching career.”

It is a parent’s responsibility to protect their children. Where was this woman’s mind? Her daughter should come before anyone’s career. Did she have any idea how many children could have been affected by this man had this not come out?

I cannot imagine leaving my daughter in that kind of a situation and waiting to see if there was a repetition of the behavior. It happening once is wrong, and should have been reported by the girl’s mother the minute she was made aware of the situation. I certainly hope the girl’s mother now realizes that she put her daughter and other children at risk by not saying anything.

I am just glad she doesn’t have to live with the guilt had something worse happened to another child or, even worse, her own daughter.

Betty Steward, Greene

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