The November elections are upon us again, and I only hope that the citizens of the wonderful city of Lewiston take the time to look carefully at the various individuals running for council seats.

This is a formative year with five council seats up for grabs. Now is the time to elect people who are not afraid to think independently; not afraid to use common sense; and not afraid to not be part of the group.

There has been too much togetherness on the council, too much rubber-stamping, and too much “I’m not going to step on someone’s toes.” It is time to break away. The last thing Lewiston needs is another group banding together with whatever agenda they may have (good or bad).

Please, please, please, get informed. Get informed, look around at what is happening. Actually hear what is being said, and vote wisely.

Jacqueline P. Smith, Lewiston

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