After reading the article Oct. 31 commemorating performer Robert Goulet, I felt compelled to fill in some very important blanks.

Everyone has heard about Goulet’s mishap singing in Lewiston. That is old news. The Goulet I know from the present was a Las Vegas sensation, bigger than life, with a heart just as big as his voice.

He had a wild sense of humor and made a lot of friends, whom he treated like family. He also had a lot of family that he treated like friends. He loved family, and was very proud of his Goulet-Gauthier heritage.

He had a wonderful, supportive wife, Vera, who helped run the Rogo and Rove Co. responsible for his successful appearances in many movies, commercials and on television.

His children have names. His oldest, Nicholette, is an actress in her own right, a former star of TV soap operas, and is a wonderful mother. His sons, Michael and Christofer, are as handsome as their father and have been instrumental in the family business for both, father and mother, Carol Lawrence.

Goulet was a colon cancer survivor, and used his notoriety to get the word out for people to be examined by colonoscopy, and to “take your vitamins.”

He will be sadly missed by family and friends alike. To us, that man, short in stature who “sang from the tips of his toes” (as my mother would say), was bigger than life.

Helen S. Cooper, West Paris

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