The congressional politicians are disappointing. They haven’t sealed the borders to keep out illegals and dangerous terrorists. The Democrats continue to use the Iraq war as a political tool rather than acting like Americans against an enemy who wants to destroy all of us, including the Democrats, and our way of life. The Republicans have trouble finding any common sense backbone and overspend along with the Democrats. The press publishes biased stories of all of this showing its liberal preference.

The Maine state political system is essentially a one-party system and has been for 30 years. If you like your taxes, your high cost of health insurance, your terrible road conditions, the flight of young people, the sanctuary status of Maine for illegals, the attractive conditions for welfare recipients, and the loss of good jobs, thank the Democrats.

Their majority can make happen whatever they wish. I am still astounded that the good hard-working people of Maine swallow what the Democrats say and not realize that they vote the opposite way. With our super welfare system the Democrats have created a large number of voters who are dependent upon the system and this makes a large voting bloc. It won’t be long before those who are paying for it will be out-numbered by those receiving it.

There are a number of petitions being circulated to create ballot questions for people’s legislation that can fix some of our problems. Consider them carefully.

Thomas F. Shields, Auburn

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