I went to the Auburn inauguration event to witness the swearing into office of Mayor John T. Jenkins, the city council, and the school board. What a great beginning for the city of Auburn.

But David Das of the school committee must have gotten his dates mixed up. Maybe he thought he was at a school board meeting. His speech was at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

Das said he has been a member of the school committee for the last five years. He also said he had thought of not running again. That I could have agreed with.

I graduated in 1950 from the original Edward Little High School. I believe that building was more than 100 years old then. A lot of very prominent and distinguished people graduated from that old, worn-out building, and there are many colleges with buildings that are very old. Das said that the children of today can’t be taught properly at the current high school – a building only 46 years old.

He was out of place for what he said at the inauguration ceremony of this great city. I think he should resign his position on the school committee.

The inauguration was not the right time or the right place for his comments.

Reggie Emery Sr., Auburn

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