I am writing in response to Denis Ledoux’s letter, Dec. 10.

I would like to extend my hearty congratulations to him on his promotion to the position of presidential mind-reader. His keen analysis of President Bush’s “pathological lies” has finally brought him the foot-stomping, tantrum-having attention he craves.

Certainly, it must have been a lie when a nation that poisoned its own citizens was accused of possessing poison gas and again, when a nation that has repeatedly threatened the U.S. and its allies, began the enrichment of weapons-grade uranium.

These points should indeed, be seen as an egregious “pack of lies,” as Ledoux eloquently put it, and not a shift in information from the intelligence community.

The fact is that there is a small community of people who are more interested in vitriol than fact. Hatred for the president and all things Republican has blinded common sense and objectivity.

Most gallingly, Ledoux extends his attack to Sen. Susan Collins, who has been accused numerous times for leaning left because she allows her votes to be led by sober judgment rather than servitude to a party.

If Ledoux must judge the character of the president by the wisdom gleaned from the shallow pool which is the liberal think tank, then that is his prerogative. If he wishes to insult Sen. Collins, however, I suggest he put in the legwork to check her voting record. He might be surprised.

Douglas McIntire, Auburn

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