My favorite sport is drag racing. I especially like bike drag racing. A couple of my family members drag race bikes. My dad, uncle, and cousin drag race. I hope to race when I get older. Whenever I go to the drag races I want to just take my dads bike and race it.

This sport is a lot less safe then drag racing cars. On a bike all you have to save you is your leathers and kill switch. The leathers are not fireproof. The kill switch is a little chip that slides into a slot that kills the bike if it is pulled out. If your hand gets caught in the wind you could be pulled off the bike and possibly killed. One of the most famous drag racers was pulled off his bike when his hand came off and he died of a heart attack.

My dad once had his front brakes lock up which caused him to go over the handlebars and break his collar bone. He said that it was very scary. The fastest bike in the world did a quarter mile in 5.969 seconds. Imagine flying off the bike and hitting the ground! Larry McBride’s bike is about 19 feet long. It is just a lot more fun to me to see bikes traveling this fast down a quarter mile than a car.

The closest quarter mile track is in New Hampshire. The closest eighth mile track is in Oxford, Maine. This sport has a couple different classes. One class requires you to go the fastest you can go. Another class you have to dial in which means you have to tell how fast you think your bike can go down the length of the track. If you break out which is go over the time you dialed in you are eliminated. Dialing in is when you tell the people at the tower how fast you think your bike can go down the track and they put it on the display at the other end. If you red light you are also eliminated. Red light means you start to go down the track before the light turns green.

Over all this is my favorite sport. This is probably one of the most complicated sports there is. I am going to race as soon as I get a bike and my license. This is just about everything I know about the sport. I would drop all of my other sports for this because I like it so much.

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