LEWISTON – Lewiston Department of Recreation grade school basketball results for the week of Dec. 10. The department does not report game scores:


Montello Red vs. McMahon Gold – Leading scorer: Montello, Ben Howell. Coach’s Award: Montello, Awad Ali; McMahon, Lucas Rushton. Hustle: Montello, Tyler Palmer; McMahon, Keenan Lynch. Sportsmanship: Montello, Abdibari Hersi; McMahon, Ahmed Hirsi.

Martel Dark Green vs. Farwell Blue – Leading scorer: Martel, Sean Baxter and Elizah Harris; Farwell, Alex Nazaroff. Coach’s Award: Martel, Ryan Bell; Farwell, Brennan Gillespie. Hustle: Martel, Kyle Billings; Farwell, Chad Hinkley. Sportsmanship: Martel, Devin Iler; Farwell, Gregory Anderson.

Farwell Gold vs. McMahon Black – Leading scorer: Farwell, Nicholas Belanger and Andrew MoKumobi; McMahon, Carter Chabot. Coach’s Award: Farwell, Devan Lepage; McMahon, Kyle Morin. Hustle: Farwell, Chase Manor; McMahon, Carter Chabot. Sportsmanship: Farwell, Nathan Freve; McMahon, Ronald Seguin.

Pettingill Panthers vs. Martel Light Green – Leading scorer: Pettingill, Cody Lagasse; Martel, Jake Schmidt. Coach’s Award: Pettingill, Kevin Dillingham. Hustle: Pettingill, Nicholas Hawk. Sportsmanship: Pettingill, Cody Lagasse.

Longley Mustangs vs. Trinity Catholic – Leading scorer: Longley, Taylor Morrison; Trinity, Andrew Gosselin. Coach’s Award: Longley, Taylor Morrison; Trinity, Nicolas Mitri. Hustle: Longley, Abdullahi Mohamed; Trinity, Madison Jalbert. Sportsmanship: Longley, Jose Rivas; Trinity, Eric Ulin.


Montello vs. Pettingill Blue – Leading scorer: Montello, Jenessa Talarico; Pettingill, Desirae Roy. Coach’s award: Montello, Jordan Hunt; Pettingill, Brianna Theriault. Hustle: Montello, Emily Turner; Pettingill, Caprice Quinn. Sportsmanship: Montello, Tanya Ogden; Pettingill, Victoria Desjardins.

Trinity White vs. Farwell Bobcats – Leading scorer: Trinity, Brooke Reynolds; Farwell, Maegan Mathon and Paige Young. Coach’s award: Trinity, Brooke Reynolds; Farwell, Casey Brochu. Hustle Award: Trinity, Jessica Alden; Farwell, Paige Young. Sportsmanship: Trinity, Riley Negm; Farwell, Maegan Mathon.

Trinity Blue vs. Martel Cougars – Leading scorer: Trinity, Emily Bolduc and Sabrina Lyon; Martel, Courtney Marquis. Coach’s award: Trinity, Sabrina Lyon; Martel, Emily Brochu. Hustle Award: Trinity, Brianna Handlon; Martel, Shanon Pierce. Sportsmanship: Trinity, Tabitha Porter; Martel, Heather Kendall.

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