As someone who works in the Lewiston area, I can’t help but notice this daily problem. The city of Lewiston really needs to do a better job of clearing the sidewalks.

Every day, I am dodging pedestrians who are forced to walk in the slush on the side of the road because the sidewalks are full of snow. I have even seen this in areas close to schools where kids have to walk.

I am afraid one of these days I will read in the paper that someone was hit, or run over, by a motorist because they were forced to walk in the road. I understand it is a big city and the cleaning crews can’t be everywhere at once, but when I see the same areas not cleaned, storm after storm, in the heart of the city, I have to wonder.

What really frustrates me is seeing the sidewalk plows driving down the street daily to get to their destinations, while ignoring the sidewalks, on each side of the street, that are covered with a foot of snow.

Maybe they’re on some kind of schedule where they only do certain areas every four storms? I just don’t get it.

Doing one side of the street would be a great start, like the plan that was put into place 25 years ago according to the “Looking Back” section of the paper on Dec. 20.

Chris Keene, Poland

Editor’s Note: In December 1982, Lewiston Public Works announced a plan to plow only one side of city streets, to improve and speed post-storm snow removal.

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