I read in Sun Spots (Dec. 28) the information about the laws regarding keeping sidewalks clear in Lewiston. It’s true, disabled, young and old people are using the city streets because the sidewalks are buried with snow. I know, because I’m one of those people who walk.

I walk facing traffic because I like to know what is coming at me, so I could jump out of the way if I had to to save my life. I wear a bright safety vest so drivers can see me. Do I have to wear one of those flashing lights on my head?

I was told by a Lewiston police officer that I should walk with traffic or use the sidewalk. I asked the officer if he would walk on that sidewalk. That was on Sabattus Street, one of my normal streets that I walk daily. He didn’t give me an answer, so I kept on walking, facing the traffic and using the street.

The director of the Lewiston Public Works or the police department should take notice of the sidewalks.

Also, according to the law, a person cannot take snow from a driveway or parking lot and push it into the street or bury the sidewalks, yet I have seen that happen. Someone was clearing the Lewiston Police Annex parking lot and pushing the snow across the street, blocking the parking meters on Spruce Street. How could anyone put money in the meters?

The city should set a good example.

Romeo P. Bosse, Lewiston

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