This is in response to the letter from Timothy Maddocks, printed Jan. 8.

I am neither a hunter nor a fisherman but, as an informed citizen and lover of wildlife, I strongly support both as a necessary part of wildlife management and a vital component of our heritage.

Hunters and fishermen are among the strongest supporters of conservation, and were among the first to recognize and take action to protect wildlife.

Throughout history, the activity of hunting and fishing introduced children to the great outdoors and encouraged their recognition that the land and its inhabitants must be protected for the benefit of all.

The wilderness of Maine needs to be more than just a hiking trail for those who don’t understand balanced management of this resource.

I am pleased to see the Sun Journal publish photos and stories of hunting and fishing success. The pride of the young following a successful hunt ensures their support for conservation efforts to protect the wilderness for all people to enjoy.

William Fenn, Washington

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