Has anyone else wondered why Mountain Valley sports teams go to the state tourneys almost every year?

I believe it’s because they play in Class C instead of Class B.

What might their records be if their teams played in their own group?

Their Heal points would certainly be a lot different.

The Maine Principals’ Association moved Gould Academy and Hebron Academy up to Class C from Class D. Will those teams start playing teams in C, or still play in D?

From a financial viewpoint, it doesn’t make sense for Telstar to play teams on the eastern side of the Kennebec River (Boothbay, Wiscasset, Georges Valley, Hall Dale). It would seem more practical to play Gould, Hebron, St. Dominic’s, or North Yarmouth Academy. A trip to Boothbay takes a total time of about seven hours. When both the boys and girls teams compete in all sports, that is a very expensive issue for each school.

I wrote to the principals’ association nearly six weeks ago concerning that issue and, as of this date, have not received a requested reply.

Lawrence Davis, Bethel

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