I was at the State House on Feb. 1 with other families to challenge the proposed cuts in funding to the foster/adoptive families of Maine.

I heard some of the most heart-wrenching reports from families that have sacrificed their careers, retirement savings, and have even mortgaged their own houses because they wanted to make a difference. Some shared that they used their board rate agreement from adopted children to declare income to banks for loans.

Then someone from the committee said something to the effect, “Certainly the banks should know not to trust a document with the state’s signature.” The committee members laughed, but there were no laughs from the people in the audience.

Shame on the people who thought this statement was funny.

Shame on them for their lack of respect toward the least paid employees the state has.

Think about how you would feel if your employer cut your already small wage by 30 percent, took away your much-needed vacation pay, and then expected you to pay for benefits they once paid for?

People shouldn’t judge us for our resistance to these cuts. I ask others to stand with us and speak loud for the ones with no voice. If the state is their legal guardian, aren’t they everyone’s children, too? Our representatives must stop this horrible proposal.

I am the proud mother of an adopted child.

Thelma Gurschick, Turner

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