This is in response to the Sun Journal editorial of Feb. 7.

State rule-making notices are already available online. Passage of LD 1878 would not result in additional costs because the full text of all rule making notices are already available on the Secretary of State’s Web site: This Web address will be provided in the shortened version of printed notices to be published in the newspapers after LD1878 is adopted.

No new database will be created as none is needed.

There is now a fiscal note from the Legislature’s Office of Fiscal and Program Review for LD 1878. It anticipates savings of $200,000 once the bill passes. It should be noted that those savings are sustainable over time.

The OFPR does not anticipate cost increases for online publication because no new database will be created – it already exists.

I am advocating for cost-effective changes in how state government provides notice of rule making.

Using the strengths of the print and online media to continue to provide public notices to citizens is an example of responsible governing. We must find more cost effective ways of performing necessary government services.

I believe LD 1878 does that.

Rep. Terry Hayes, Buckfield

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