BOSTON (AP) – Science is Sexy?

A group of students and scientists gathered at Harvard University on Thursday to show just that during a Valentine’s Day bash. They hope it will smash stereotypes about people and work often derided as geeky and boring.

As part of the “Science is Sexy” party, professors lectured on the science of attraction, including the mind of a mate, the language of sex and why some words are a taboo.

They also discussed the brain and genetic mechanisms as well as the sense of smell in sex, and the biology of beauty and the role of symmetry in beauty, event organizer Professor Marc Hauser said.

“The event kicked off with a warning that as the night wears on at the bar, you may find the person next to you more attractive and that men are more likely to have sex with a woman with lower IQ,” Hauser said.

Students held a fashion show to illustrate the underpinnings of sexual attraction, including how certain waist-to-hip ratios signal health to potential mates. They also heard that fat deposits on hips is used for brain development.

“It was a total success,” Hauser said after the event. “We had a very large attendance from Harvard and outside Harvard, and there was good music.”

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